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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
Q: Name the 4 "finalist students" at the training acedmy on Yinchorr.

Bonus: What was their final test?
*Phreak, you will need to verify this*

Man, had to sift through my brain for this one. Yinchorr has featured in EU way back since the Marvel Comic days !

But what I think you are referring to is described in the hella cool Crimson Empire comix -

The four finalists for selection into the Imperial Guard were -
*Carnor Jax
*Alum Frost
*Kir Kanos
*Lemmet Tauk

Their final test was a fight to the death to display loyalty to the emperor - with Kanos being forced to kill his friend Lemmet Tauk, and Carnor Jax killing Alum Frost...

IIRC, Kanos also gets jumped by Vader , who provides him with his distinctive lightsaber scar across his face

[EDIT] 2 POINTS [/Astro Reminder]

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Q. What do Darth Maul and Exar Kun have in common(apart from being Sith Lords!) ?

BONUS : pics to illustrate


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