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I hated LOTR. The books, the movies, everything. It deserved four of the eleven Oscars it got--- the ones for technical achievement. In my opinion, they weren't great movies at all, or even good ones. Just four hours of sappy and triumphant music, paired with very annoying characters that repeat exactly what the other one just said.

Star Wars (the original trilogy) was great, but I had a bone to pick about the Return of the Jedi. Now, we all remember in Empire Strikes Back, that when Luke disobeys Yoda to go after Han and Leah, Ben Kinobi is all "He was our last hope," and Yoda goes "No, there is another..."
As it was made clear in Jedi, he was talking about Leah. Well, it would've made TONS more sense if Luke was sueded by Vader and joined the dark side, and Leah would have gone all Jedi on them and killed Vader and the Emperor, and either killed or saved Luke. I mean, not only does that make sense, it's a badass ending. I mean, seriously, we've all wanted to see Leah kick some ass since the moment we laid eyes on her. Really, what's better than a gold bikini and a light saber?


Anyway, I thought the Indy Trilogy was the best. Sure, Temple of Doom sucked, but MAN did Lost Ark and Last Crusade rock my world.

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