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Oetch saw the ledge ahead and did a triple frontflip forward. He landed gracefully. But just as he landed the ledge he was standing on broke and he began to fall. But he caught himself with the force and slowly flew upwards. he landed on the ledge next to zoric. "Something isn't right. he began "This is-" suddenlya mirage of the jedi council appeared and he was engulfed by it . It soon seemed like real life. Mace Windu go up and said "You failed me Tisimia." Oetch turned around ashamed and started walking down the hall of the Jedi Temple." soon he was back in real life. And he was actually walking, right off the cliff! It had been a trcik the whole time with the mirage. But luckily he grabbed onto a rock and slowly started to climb back up the ledge.

"Many Bothan spies died to deliver data regarding the second Death Star to the Alliance, just before the Battle of Endor. " Star Wars databank,

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