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Re: Nice try, Lao Che!

Originally posted by Alien426
Wrong. TOD wasn't bad. People just always remember the bad parts.
Yeah, I'd agree with that. I actually prefer it to Raiders. When I first saw it I didn't like it either (it doesn't even have Nazis!) but it's really grown on me since.

I'm not sure JofaGuht is right, though... I think the LOTR score was handled really well. The fellowship theme (that typical DAN DAN DA DA DAAAAN) is done so it plays strongest when the fellowship is strongest, and the only point where it was really "tamborins and brass and cymbals" was when the Felowship set out from Rivendell (because the Fellowship is strongest at that point - and no, there's no characters talking with this music either).

95% is not true, but even if it was right, what's wrong with that? Or, when you boil the matter down, what's wrong with "epic and brass"?

Interestingly the music hardly ever plays during a big battle, which is rare in films. Instead it plays when there's high emotional development, and to me it's refreshing to have big battles without sound. There's no glorification, just the clang of metal on metal.

There's also some amazing use of sound in general, like thje deaths of Borimir and Gandalf (when all other sounds apart from the music fade), or the great use of themes (like how you'll hear, say, the Fellowship alter in intensity depending on what state the fellowship is in).
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