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Orgionally posted by Jokemaster

Sonny gave the orders to the other members of the squad to carry the wounded who couldn't walk. But to Griff he ordered to help him provide cover fire for the retreat along with Joth. Once the Mandalorians were evacuated, Sonny and his squad sealed the door, which wouldn't stop the Vuana, but would slow them down, hopefully long enough for them to reach the bunker.
"Everyone, keep sealing every door we go through. Griff, go to the bunker, grab some grenedes and try setting traps".
Okay I just need to clerify a few things and then you can edit your post Jokemaster.

The medic bay is acctually pretty far from the Armory, you have to go back into the armory, then out the other door into another hall, and down that hall for a while and then you'll come to the armory. There's no fighting taking place near the medic bay for now.

Secondly there isn't really a way to seal the door except a lockdown which can only be done from a control room. Since we're not from this base we don't know where that is but it doesn't matter.

Traps might be found in the armory but really there's just no point.

Our men are just pulling out but there will still be other Mandalorians from Thaldoria to hold the position, we just arn't needed.

Lastly a strategic retreate is where the people closest to the exit provide cover fire while the people farthest run back, past the people providing cover fire, and then provide cover fire in turn for those people to pull back. It's a continuous cycle that carries on indefinetly until they all reach the exit.

It's just safer than everyone randomly retreating because people might get left behind.

Just edit with those changes, everything else is fine. I'm not criticizing you or anything though, just trying to help you out since I didn't really explain it properly in the story. Hope that helps.

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