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This is NOT C&C, not in the traditional sense.

As I've said before, the way it's presented so far it reminds me more of Imperium Galactica games rather than C&C-series or the Dune-series.

Your force building will be out of combat mode, then you have to bring those combat units to the battlefield, be it ships to blockade a planet or defeat an enemy fleet, or ground units to destroy a certain building or to completelly take over a planet, which again is totally up to you to decide which planet to conqour or enemy fleet to defeat.

This means there will be "down-times" where you do not do combat, not like with Dune where you chose which area of Arakis you wanted to attack and then initiated combat immediatly.

Think a more advanced Rebellion. Wether it will feature 200 planets I don't know, but we can hope.

Anyway, this can eventually amount to a very large number of units (uncontrollable amount if it's just let loose), so it would be needed to be controlled somehow.

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