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Originally posted by Rogue Nine
Q. Who was Shada D'Ukal and what organization was she part of?
A. Shamelessy copied and pasted from some damn SW site or another.

Shada D'ukal

Book appearances

Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina *
The Last Command Timothy Zahn *
Specter of the Past Timothy Zahn
* contributed by Phil Messelken


Formerly a member of the Mistryl, a group of female warriors from the planet Emberlene. An honorable group, the Mistryl were commissioned by the Eleven Elders of the People (of the planet Emberlene). The Mistryl sold their services and combat skills to 'the oppressed and powerless' in order to earn money for their devastated planet.

Shada left the Mistryl when she was ordered to abandon her role as the smuggler Mazzic's bodyguard. The Mistryl, for reasons we do not yet know, planned to kill Mazzic. Shada disagreed with this, and the mercenary direction the Mistryl were apparently taking.

After leaving the Mistryl, Shada made her way to Coruscant, where she asked Princess Leia if she could join the New Republic. Princess Leia arranged for Shada to join Talon Karrde in his rescue of the missing Mara Jade.

Special Distinctions

Shada is extremely stealthy and highly skilled with weapons and in hand to hand combat. In her attempt to reach Princess Leia, Shada was able to break into and enter the Princess's home after first disabling one of Leia's Noghri guards. As Specter of the Past is the first in Zahn's new two novel Hand of Thrawn series, we can expect to see more of Shada in the next installment of the ongoing Star Wars saga.
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