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> JofaGuht:
I have not seen eXistenZ

You should.

> JofaGuht:
In fact, it seemed like there was very few points of the film where there was no music. I think like 95% of the film had music going on and 80% of that music was all epic and brass.

Either way, the music's always there. It never leaves. It never gives you a break. And mostly, it doesn't serve the purpose of just adding texture or emphasis to the stands out too much.

Then why do you like Star Wars? Its soundtracks fill 2 CDs per episode, it's practically always there and it's not exactly holding back either.

> JofaGuht:
I don't really remember the Fifth Element's music, but I know that one opera scene was pretty sweet.

> LucasTones:
Hey man you can't knock Serra and Besson! Leon is amazing.

I knew this would happen. Again.

I merely was saying that it was badly used. On its own the music may be nice and I don't have a problem with it. Give this man a record deal, by all means! Whoever slapped the music in the context it appears in and whoever decided on the volume should have his ass kicked.

What's Happening Out There? underlaying a scene where Mathilda is standing in the corridor, anxious to be let in by Léon. You don't have to know the movie to tell that it doesn't fit. It's too slow, there's no tension. It works to underline the grief she feels, but the scene doesn't call for that. That would be needed only for a very short time of the whole scene. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a good tune and invest some more time to match the music to what's happening on screen.

> DrMcCoy:
and i never really watched indy...

It's on Pro7 next Sunday. That's your chance.

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