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Originally posted by CapNColostomy
...Okay, I'll quit trying to explain and just take the "lazy" comment on the cheek. I'll pass on the question.
lazy, no way. I commend CapN for taking the time(ie. not laziness) to research an answer..... many of us dont have the time, or even the actual books etc, to try and find the answer in p.132

The detail of many of the responses that are required have meant that a little bit of research is often required, especially as these are books/comics/games we may have read/played over 5-10+ years ago !

Research is encouraged and applauded ! though, it is probably better to paraphrase rather than straight cut'n'paste

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Since CapN passed on the question, I'll resume

Q. What is a corusca gem ? Where are they found ? What are their uses ??

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