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Hal: She can argue her own case. I will however say this:

I hate you, and your brother. I don't hate you because of the way you treat me, I probably deserve at least some of it. I hate you because, aside from dooming my race to a shameful death, you deprived me of the right to carry out my father's last command. When my father died the responsiblity for my people, for our planet, fell to me. What you did was no better than smothering them in their sleep. A man, a people, should have the right to choose their own time and way to die. That is why I hate you.

I follow you because, ironically, you are the only ones who can undo this. I follow orders, I do as I am told and you mock me at every oppertunity, you use the same name for me my mother used. You won't even allow me my title.

I fought in you battle because I told you I would, I keep my word and that is why I'm here, instead of simply leaving.

Allessa: I asked him not to fight, he told me he had already given his word. I have spent enough time seperated from him, I'm not leaving him again. We stay together, so you can have both of us or leave both of us. If you decide you don't want us I'm sure Drago would be more than willing to take Hal's place.

You don't need me for anything specific, you already have two healers better than me, and they use something other than the Force. You have more that enough fighters and Jedi but you will be better off with me that without.

I won't lie either, I hate you just as much as Hal does, more, because you hurt him.

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