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Originally posted by Coraan Talme
I don't want to harm poor furry Ysalamiris ...
But you have to bring sacrifices, for the good of the Empire - and the Ysalamiris would surely willingly assist our cause, if they could understand it. Anyway, it's for their own good, it protects them as well ... just think of all those nasty Ewoks and Wookies whose greedy maws are salivating constantly when thinking about roasted Ysalamiri steak!
And no one complains about rebel scum, forcing innocent Taun Tauns to carry them on their weary backs - a rebel would cut one of those poor beasts open without a sort, just to warm himself a little with it's steaming guts! And that's not just a horror story - it's true! The depraved followers of the Rebellion have actually been seen doing this!
Imperial Troops, in contrast to this, offer their own strong backs to carry the Ysalamirs safely and comfortably around so that they can see the galaxy from behind the broad shoulders of a brave stormtrooper.
What about Sandtroopers riding Dewbacks and using Wookiees for slave labor?
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