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((JM: what are you talking about.
BD: Your making very difficult for Heimdall to agree to let Allessa come along. I also don't understand Allessa saying you have enough fighters. Given the size of the enemy army and the uncertainty about what the quest is going to involve she should be saying you need as many allies as you can get..))

Heimdall: You have the misconception that your people would have died valiantly had we not destroyed the star. In reality a few may have, but most would have been enslaved and either tortured to death, or be given to Fenrir as food. I have seen them do this before during an ealier war to stronger people then yours Of course Nidhogg could have just paid them a visit and your world would have gone up in flames. Do not forget that your responsiblity for your people still remains since you can still save them. Also remember that the entire galaxy is doomed if this timeline is allowed to continue.

As far as your title, do your really think you have earned that title? I don't think you have, you act like a child and have poor control over your emotions. When you begin to behave like an adult, act like a true Jedi, and take responsibility for your actions then you will be given your title.

Now you say you both hate us. Both of you should be aware of how dangerous hate is for a Jedi, especially if you cannot control your emotions which both of you seem to have a difficult time doing. Futhermore, if you hate us then your free to leave anytime you want, and no Drago will not take your place if you decide to leave. Can you get pass that and acted civily to everyone in the group? That will be a requirement if I allow Allessa to stay.

Now getting back to what you came here for. Why Allessa will we be better off with you? I also want tto know how you think you can modify Hal's moods when you also hate us.

((BD: If Allessa can help train Matt, it would be good for her to mention that, Also if they give their word that they both will keep control of their emotions))

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