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((Obviously I'm making it difficult. To be honest they'd come off worse if they just capitulated because it goes against their nature and it would have been false.))

Hal: Hate is not what is dangerous for a Jedi, what is dangerous is allowing it to become the driving force in your destiny. I have not doen that, I have not always maintained full control of my emotions either. Would you prefer I simply became a bowing and scraping courtier?

I have undertaken to train Matt and that holds me here just as much as the quest does. I am a fighter, I can throw a man back into a wall or I can fillet him with both lightsabres at the same time.

Allessa: What he's trying to say is he can't do mind tricks, projection, or many of the other passive feats. I can and I can teach them to Matt. When do you think I lost my temper? When I threw Hal back a hundred feet? He deserved that.

I'm quick in a fight, I don't have Hal's power or his strength but I can beat him about half the time. If you let us stay together it will make us both better off and that will mean we are in a better temper.

Hal: As to our people, I don't believe you have the full measure of them.

((Allessa refusing to meet with Vidar is another culture clash. Vidar was insulted because she would not disarm in order to meet with him and Allessa was insulted at the insinuation that she would attack Vidar and needed to be disarmed. On Agamar only prisoners and enemies are required to disarm. Drago just took the insult on the chin.))

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