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Errh (cough)... yes ... of course I spelled Wookie without the extra 'e' on purpose. That's the way we old veterans from the battle of Baryxx used to call them. Imperial Fleet slang. It all goes back to a joke from our commander, a fine guy, who used to say that those damned furry savages didn't deserve such a long name anyway and if we'd skip the letter on our reports, the shorter texts would ultimately save the imperial bureaucracy a lot of money and he'd grant us an extra round of corellian ale. Ah ... those were wild times ...

Mmmh ... concerning the jedi-spamming question: that's why it could be a nice idea to make them a class you first have to earn by collecting a few kills - or by limiting the amount of jedi's available ... Anyway, it wouldn't be that much of a problem as long as they are not overpowered, I think. Of course there is this "Yess ... I can feel the force, taste my lightsabre, dirty rebel!"-effect, but Tie Pilots are cool, too
Well ... but I agree that it might not be wise to add them to EVERY map ... just to a few ones as a special class - to preserve the troops vs troops feeling of Battlefront.

-As to the Droideka (I believe the destroyer droid is actually the one with the bazooka and we just confused the names): you're right, it's rather pointless to fire at him with normal blasters. However even with bacta tanks he can't maintain his shield forever ... and switching it on only when under fire is not always a practical solution in Battlefront's close-packed battlefields. Usually you're CONSTANTLY under fire and the moment you switch the shields happens to be the moment someone fires at you from behind
And Droidekas are certainly the worst class when it comes to evading heavy fire. Grenades or rockets hit them more often then regular troops ... and one is enough to get the shield down. Droidekas are hard to miss.

Glory to the Empire!
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