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Bel Iblis, Garm

Category: Characters
Type: Human
Qualifier: Corellian
Affiliation: New Republic
Planet of Origin: Corellia

a legendary Corellian who sat on the Old Republic's Senate, Garm Bel Iblis was as charismatic as Senator Palpatine, but not as devious. As Bel Iblis watched, Palaptine quickly took over the Senate and the Old Republic. It was then-Senator Bel Iblis who announced that Corellia and the Corellian System would close its borders to the Old Republic, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, in an effort to avoid the turmoil surrounding the separtist movement of the day. He was quick to point out that Corellia was not seceding, but rather going into a period of Contemplanys Hermi, which literally meant "meditative solitude." When the New Order was established, Palpatine sought out Iblis on Anchoron and murdered his family, although Iblis found a way to escape before they could kil him. He made contact with Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, and was influential in organizing the Rebellion and creating the Corellian Treaty. However, when Mon Mothma's charismatic personality began to take over the growing Alliance, Bel Iblis felt she was becoming too strong, and left the Alliance to fight the Empire on his own. He led a group of freedom fighters, striking against the Empire from a number of hidden bases. Among his compatriots, he was known as the Commander. Bel Iblis continued to stab at the Empire following the Battle of Endor, although he turned his attention to the New Republic. His prejudice against Mon Mothma told him that she would soon make the Republic a dictatorship. Following a successful attack on a Ubiqtorate base on Tangrene, Bel Iblis met up with Borsk Fey'lya, who set him up with a covert supply line in hopes that he could sway Bel Iblis to rejoin the New Republic as one of his supporters. He was later discovered by Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, and he was drawn into the New Republic. He reluctantly decided to help the Republic recover the Katana fleet, and later made a peace with Mon Mothma and joined the New Republic. This relationship failed when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, however, as Bel Iblis saw the same petty bickering and in-fighting that led to the fall of the Old Republic. Rather than be caught up in the machinations of Borsk Fey'lya, Bel Iblis again resigned his commission and set out on his own. He continued to command at the Republic's base on Fondor, but had split from acting directly for the New Republic. He established a personal base on Talaan, from which he commanded three distinct fleets. As before, Bel Iblis gathered to him a crack team of soldiers and officers, and began attacking the Yuuzhan Vong from hidden locations. He was again convinced to rejoin the Republic, this time by Luke Skywalker, and brought his fleets to Ebaq 9 as part of the Republic's ambush of Yuuzhan Vong forces during the Battle of Ebaq.
Source Abbreviations Listing

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so the answer is: Dark force rising.

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