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Ladders, leagues and Tourns

We are planning on holding some competitions for this game at Are there any others in the works? Have any clans been formed? If anyone would like to come help get things setup, admin a comp, or is in a clan that interested in competing please come post in our forums. We also let our members form competition teams (sponsored clan). I'll paste our little advertisement thinger in here. Click on the link below to visit our forums. My own clan (Krazo) is currently competing in SWBF and can't wait for this to be released.

Please come register at our new forums covering everything under the sun. The site is not at 100% yet but the forums are. We run a few game servers and are always taking requests to run more. We also help our members form competition teams by supplying them with their own forums, teamspeak channel and practice servers whenever possible (much easier than starting a clan from scratch). Many of our members are already a part of a clan but take part for games their clans don't support. We are also looking for server admins, forum moderaters, and ppl to update certain parts of the site such as videocard drivers and upcoming game release dates. Stop in and set your profile sig and custom avatar now, just click the pic. Suggestions are always welcome.

If this post has been placed here against your rules please contact us and we will have the poster remove it immediatly - Staff

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