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((LOL. His given Name is Halren. His House name is Flax, his title, well its quite long ))

Hal: Thankyou. If you will excuse me I will go and assist Drago with Matt's blade work lesson.


((Sorry JM, your post seams to have fallen off my radar!))

*Drago blocks the cut and then his blade whips around in an upwards slice which stops exactly 1/16th of an inch from the seam of Matt's trousers.*

Drago: Good, most people would not have been able to do that so don't feel bad. *He rests his sword point on the sand.* Remember that with vertical cuts you have to be very fast, and very careful. A cut like that can leave you very exposed for just long enough to be fatal.

You'r doing well, all that knife work has paid off.

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!
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