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K'Warra: Working on that, although I believe your friend Jonathan *looking at Guy* offered us transport home.

Guy: That will have to wait for the time being. As soon as it's safe, I'll take the three of you home. Until then you'll have to stay on my ship. I don't expect the Aesir want to house you and I don't care to ask them.

K'Warra: These Aesir seem to be pretty interesting people. And the undead army they talked about sounds pretty interesting too. You all seem to know quite a bit about this end of the world. I know only a few details. I know this started with a mass slaughter of sentient life - I believe 80% of known sentient life was destroyed when their stars went nova? I recall that rumor has it the Aesir did this...but of course that can't be true, or the great, good, honorable Starkiller wouldn't be associating with them now would he?

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