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Originally posted by Teancum
Ya know, I wish you could have this mod without replacing the sith troopers. Just the armour. I'd like to have Sith Trooper armour as well.
That is easy to do. You just need to remove some of the files from the Override directory. I can't remember off the top of my head which ones, but I'll post how to do it tonight.


You just need to follow the installation steps for Option 1 only.

Files for Option 1:
PMBH15.tga - texture for the stormtrooper armour suit
helmet.tga - texture for the stormtrooper helmet
ia_class9_015.tga - inventorty icon for the armour suit
ii_mask_099.tga - inventory icon for the helmet
i_mask_099.mdl - helmet model mdl file
i_mask_099.mdx - helmet model mdx file
helmet.txi - texture reflectiveness specification
storm_armour.uti - armour suit parameters and specifications
storm_helmet.uti - helmet parameters and specifications
lev40_armlock001.utp - item placement to add new equipment to the game as "treasure"

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