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Originally posted by Guybrush122
You know, George Lucas barely wrote any of the trilogy, and I don't think he directed any either. Must be why the new movies suck...
I know where you're coming from, but he was a hell of a lot more involved than you're giving him credit for. Depending if you believe what you read, the original screenplay he wrote was a condensed version of Episodes IV, V and VI, and I've even heard of the original (early 70's) "Adventures of Mace Windu" script containing elements from the new trilogy. Even if this is all lies, he still wrote and directed the original movie, which is what started the whole worldwide phenomenon. The stress of directing this movie ruined his marriage, and made him decide to leave the sequels to other people.

That said, it's not like he just phoned up Larry Kasdan and said "hey, can you write me a sequel to Star Wars please?" - he told him the plot and story etc, what needed to happen. He also co-wrote Return of the Jedi, which although isn't regarded as the best Star Wars movie, certainly isn't bad.

And I'm fed up of people bitching about the new movies anyway... okay, so The Phantom Menace wasn't what most people were expecting, and the political intrigue was a bit dull, not to mention the whole midi-chlorian thing... but Episode II was great, and in retrospect you need the dull politics to explain what happens in the later movies. I mean, you couldn't make a movie about World War II that attempted to cover every aspect of the war without including all the pre-fighting politics, and discussions, so it's understandable.

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