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*The drake listened to K'warra, Orthos, and Hal before deciding to speak*

Drake: It did not start with the mass slaughter of innocents but with the death of Odin. His death doomed this galaxy, and the Aesir in order to spare as many as possible destroyed the stars. It would have been more than eighty percent of the galaxy if it was possible.

Each passing hour, each day Fenrir, Hel, Loki become stronger. In a couple years time Hel will have enough power not only to resurrect the weak sith but to bring forth an army of dead Jotuns.

Those who survived the destruction of the Stars will be rounded up into camps. Where they will either be given to Fenrir as food, or be tortured to death, after working as slaves. All those that resist will be seperated and made to watch the torture and deaths of those they failed to protect. First to be killed will be children starting with the youngest, their bodies ripped apart while their families watch. Then the women, and then the men.

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