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Ranks Within the System (Cont.)


For lack of a better word, like nobles these men fight mounted but they are more lightly equipped than Nobles. They are divided into two equilly ranked groups, rural land owners and city dwelling merchants.

6. Landsmen
Lower ranking nobles are not permitted houseguards, these men are the next best thing. Landsmen are the landed rural gentry, they own large farms and trade in the surplus produce of their estates. They are among the most motivated warriors as they have much to lose. Landsmen are local village leaders, theyare no politicians.

In war Landsmen fight as a lighter cavalry than the nobles, more fleet of foot and less heavily armed. They wear fine male shirts and leather breastplates with metal reinforcements, their greves and gauntlets are constructed in the same manner. Their helmets lack the complex interlocking back, front and cheek plates and instead the lower face and the back of the neck are protected by a chain-male wrap around extention which touches the shoulders while the eyes and nose are protected by metal "gogles"

These warriors carry the same lance and shield as the nobles but often lack the longsword, though they do carry a shorter weapon. The horse is unbarded but it is often provided with molded leather protection for it's lower fore-legs and face.

Landsmen are dressed in the same drab colours as nobles and often bring some of their own working men with then to the battlefield, forming a squad of around ten.

6. Merchantmen
Socially these men are the same rank as Landsmen though they live in the cities and thus have more cash and less land. They are traders who work selling the goods of others.

In war Merchantmen send their labours to fight while they remain at home. They are the lightest cavaly available to an Agamarian general. They are paid men and thus are a little less motivated than Landsmen of nobles. They fight as light harrassing archers.

They wear male shirts, their greves and gauntlets are constructed of leather molded and hardended. Their helmet lack the complex interlocking back, front and cheek plates of nobles and instead just has "gogles" to protect the eyes from glancing blows.

These men carry compound bows, smaller shields and swords with roughly a 28 inch blade.

Merchantmen are dressed in the same drab colours as nobles.

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