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Originally posted by LucasTones

And I'm fed up of people bitching about the new movies anyway... okay, so The Phantom Menace wasn't what most people were expecting, and the political intrigue was a bit dull, not to mention the whole midi-chlorian thing... but Episode II was great, and in retrospect you need the dull politics to explain what happens in the later movies. I mean, you couldn't make a movie about World War II that attempted to cover every aspect of the war without including all the pre-fighting politics, and discussions, so it's understandable.
You sir are a very wise man. I just recently rewatched the new ones (Episode I for the first time since I originally bought it on a ... get this... a VHS.) I found I to be almost unbearable. I knew it was bad, but I forgot just how boring it can be at points. But II, that movie blows my mind. I love all of it (cept maybe that scene where Anakin and Padme are out in that field) and the fight between Jango and Obi-Wan rocks my socks off. Quite literally, I had to go find them afterwards. This was pretty impressive considering I was wearing shoes at the time.

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