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Drake: Some prophecies are others are not, the ones the Aesir follow are not. As far as a weapon hidden on another world that could defeat Loki, think again. Loki, Fenrir, and Hel are immortal and can only be killed during the true Ragnarok, not this false one.

What would happen if the Aesir just destroyed the worlds that held the Jotuns and Heloki, exactly as I told you. Hel would raise them from the Jotun two years from this date, the Heloki in a year.

If there was another option available to the Aesir they would have taken it in a heartbeat regardless of how many lives it would cost them. There was not. When your older you will realize that sometimes you have to pick between two evils, that is what they had to do. Count yourself lucky that you do not have to make the same choice.

I find it funny that for one that does not believe in prophecies you are following the Aesir on a quest that was fore told in one of their prophecies.

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