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...nevermind, i just had the $pcj $flatten command in my Carcass script. However, there is still an issue - the end bone of a chain, always gets thrown out and gets moved up a few levels in the hierarchy. Although.. i have found a little hacky-fix. I don't know if it's what Raven did or not though (i would hope not ), but if you just add another bone to inherit from that end bone (not binding the mesh to it of course), it seems to do the trick.. and i guess the addition bone gets deleted during the compile. I suppose it does work a little too well to be unintentional though... just seems such very sloppy design..

If anyone knows of any other way.. i'd like to hear it...

And does anyone have an understanding of what the $pcj <bone name> Carcass script command is suppose to do? Raven used them in theirs (with the $pcj $flatten command done first to "flatten" the heirarchy), it obviously has something to do with bone linking but.. i don't really see the point... Why destroy the hierarchy, only to rebuild it again?
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