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Originally posted by Rogue Nine
Yeah, I watched ROTJ again just to try to figure it out, but I couldn't see any others besides the Ewoks.
OK...Phreak got it pretty much....

ROTJ:SE ...with the new performance added to Jabba's Palace, the singer is Joh Yowza by name. Yuzzum is the name of his species, which are native to endor. This obviously wasnt mentioned in the movies, which is why it qualifies as EU

here's a pic :

and here's a freaky page on endors inhabitants

The BONUS points bit relates to the fact that GL names Yuzzum on ROTJ after YuzzEm in 'Splinter of the Minds Eye' ...

references :
CUSWE entries :
Splinter of the Minds Eye.

so I will award 1 point to phreaky ! good call man

now ask a damn question


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