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Rustic woke up some time later in the day, he took his lightsaber and started practising basic maneuvers when a young lady walked in.
"i was instructed to give you this." the woman said, Rustic took it and then she left.
"what the hell?" Rustic said as he opened it and knock out gas came out, Rustic tried to repell it with the force but it was to strong and it knocking him out.

Rustic woke up in a force cage.
"ah damn it, i knew that sith spawn betrayed me!" Rautci said to himself as some thugs walked in.
"so you are Rustic eh? heh, i would have expected you to be taller."
"well i do what i can, now why am i here."
"well your going to meet a battle droid."
"a little early aren't you?" just then Rustic's old frined walked in.
"everything seems faster when your betraying someone,but you already know that, don't you."
"i swear i'll kill you, Jake!"
"go ahead, i'd like to see this force cage work."
"bring in the battle droid, one of the thugs said" and a superbattle droid and 2 normal battle droids walked in.
"impressive, can i go now and report this to my seniors?" Rustic said sarcasitcally.
"no, we have a better plan."
"and that woudl be?"
"fight the droids."
"done." they knocked Rustic out once again and he woke up in the middle of an arena with doors everywhere.
"here you go jedi!" one man said and threw his lightsaber to him."
Rustic caught it and ignited it, the doors started to open.

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