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OK here is a tutorial I wrote a while ago but I think its all good. it 3am and Im sick as a dog so I'll just post what I have without proof reading it.

In this tutorial we will cover the creation of a unique armor, unique jedi robe and adding clothing variations.

Armor: The files that we will need to make a unique Armor are as follows:
Template UTI : This file is the blueprint instance of an item. All items will have the ď.utiĒ extension.
Inventory Icon : this is a necessary part of making your item easily identified in the inventory screen or the equip screen in-game.
Texture It is not necessary to recolor or reskin a game texture to make your new armor, but it does help to make your item unique and stand out from the rest.

Now that youíre reading this tutorial Iím sure you already have an idea of the type of Armor you would like to make, but for this example I decided to use the armor g1_a_class8001.uti (Heavy Exoskeleton) first we will locate and edit the item.

Load KT and Navigate to
BIFs-->templates.bif-->Blueprint,Item-->g1_a_class8001.uti ,
Double click the g1_a_class8001.uti to open the UTI Editor
This is what you will see when the item is open in the UTI Editor.
General: At first glance Iím sure you can figure out what most of these fields are.

Template ResRef: For UTI files this should be the same as the file name. For instances of this item in KotOR this is the ResRef of that item. So if you were to add this item to a store (UTM file), an npc(UTC) inventory or equip slots you would enter g1_a_class8001(this is the ResRef)

Tag: Tag of the Item. Up to32 characters

Base Item: Reference to baseitem.2da. I will discuss that file later in the tutorials.

Cost and Additional cost: The value is equal to the price in credits the item would in a store.

Plot item:checked if the item is a plot item unchecked if this is a normal item. Plot items cannot be sold.

Texture Variation: Equal to the number on the actual texture. I will go into this further later in the tutorial.

Body Variation: Equal to the model in appeance.2da.This value, combined with the base item will be help full to determine the original texture that this Armor uses.

Editing the uti: First thing to edit is the Texture Variation, change this to 70 (this is just a random number I chose. It can be anything from 10 to 99.

Properties: With that done we move on to the Properties tab to give reason to use this new armor.

We will start by deleting all the properties. However if you like this set of properties you can save it as an XML where you could load it into another uti later or you could add to the existing properties by double clicking * Select and highlight each row to delete all the properties and double click the * * to open the property editor.

The first property we will add is a +2 Defense Bonus, when the armor is upgraded with Armor Reinforcement.
Property name>Defense bonus
Upgrade req.>Armor Reinforcement
Hit Add

The second prop will be 25% Energy Damage Immunity.
Property name>Damage Immunity
Upgrade req.>Mesh Underlay
Hit Add

Now we have a bonus for both upgrade types. Last we will add an attribute to the armor that will be active all the time. Open the Prop editor and add +3 Constitution.
Property name>Attribute Bonus
Hit Add

Now your Property list should look like this. Now to the Description Tab. In the Name box you can change the name of this new armor, to make this go a little faster change the name to my new armor and in the Identified Description tab the description of the item. For the purpose of the tutorial type

This armor was made using a tutorial.
ResRef and Tag. . You can change the ResRef to anything you would like Up to 16 characters. For this armor Iíll simply use the same format that bioware has used, but give it my tag. So Iíll change then to T7_a_class7070, Change the Template ResRef to the same as the Tag.

The last thing you will need to do is save the file to a new folder and name the file the same as the ResRef, it should look like this T7_a_class7070.uti (note* you can make the uti resref and file name anything you want as long as its under 16 characters.)

Texture:We have the armor uti now we need a texture. This table will help you find it.

Now looking at our example uti g1_a_class8001 first would assume that this item uses body var 7(which matches class80xx). This however is not true for this particular item, but usually it is. (This item is the exception) The armor is in fact a class 7 base item (41) and uses model 6(F).

To find the Armors texture Navigate to ERFs-->swpc_tex_tpa.erf--> P

So now if you have your armor uti, you know that the body Var is F and the Texture Var is 7, so this is what we have F07 and since this is a PC armor the rest of the file name would be PFBF07 and PMBF07. To extract a texture Double click the filename and the image viewer will pop up, what you will see is the texture a small box that is used to display additional information for the texture. To extract this info with the texture check the Export Selection to TXI file, and then highlight the text you want and hit the Write File button now you will have the texture and text file(.txi) with the same name as the texture.

It is best to have both so that male and female characters can wear the armor with a new texture. If youíre wondering where I got PFB and PMB from. Here is what it means.
P=Player texture M=male
B=body F=female
Now rename the textures to PFBF70.tga & PMBF70.tga
Also rename the txi files to PFBF70.txi & PMBF70.txi

The last file that is need to make the armor complete is the Inventory Icon. For this Navigate to to ERFs-->swpc_tex_gui.erf-->I-->ia_class7_007.tga and rename the icon to ia_class7_070.tga.

Im not going to go into How to Reskin a texture there are much more qualified modders to teach that.
Well the last thing to do is drop these 6 files in override, load a save game, open the consol and type ďgiveitem T7_a_class7070Ē without the quotes.

Congratulations you just learned how to make new unique Armors.

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