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Working on my death star B map I thought to put together
a lego set and share it with my fellow modders.
This pack has 4 sets of legos you can use in your maps to create
all kinds of buidings.

After you unzip this pack, copy odfs to your ODF folder and mshs
and tgas to yout msh folder. The only thing your have to change
is textures (tgas) for each lego (Lego1.tga, Lego2.tga...;
posters have their own variation of tga). Included Lego textures (tga)
are 128 x 128 (so the pack is as small as possible),
but you can make your own Logo1.tga, Lego2.tga...
in 256x256 or 512x512. You can use my Death Star "B"
map as a reference. The interesting thing about death star B map is that
I used a looooot of legos and the zipped map is only 2 MB.

Download LegosPack1:


PS. Magic of UltraEdit.

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