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Hey! I was never one of those regular navy troopers! They just recruited me on the spot for Tie Fighter Training. Of course I know that those black clad guys with the funny helmets are always there on the capital ships -usually standing in our way every emergency launch - ... and I've also heard rumours that they are those navy troops ... but I'm not that familiar with ordinary soldiers. We Tie Pilots are a hard bunch of elite fighters and we don't consort with everybody
Besides, they ARE listed as commandos in this manual ... although this probably means nothing ... it's just a piece of junk from rebel intelligence, after all. It is certainly a good thing that they know NOTHING about the organisation of our forces.
Anyway, knowing that they ARE supposed to be on capital ships - one more reason for them to be included in a boarding battle
Thanks, TK-8252! Oh ... one more question: Do you happen to know what REGULAR imperial ground forces look like? You never see anyone but stormtroopers on GALACNET or any other channel, yet ... as stormtroopers are supposed to be the elite - who's the standard force?
Throwable Time Bombs sound like fun ... but isn't this a little overpowered - especially if you just add them to an existing class? Anyway ... what did you replace those dreadful wookies with?

To Mr. Please: I agree with everything you've said but "overpowered vehicles" - they already lowered their hitpoints and I didn't find them that bad before - and blaster damage, which seems to be fine to me.
Yes! We need Tyderian Shuttles! We need more game modes (my favourite one would be VIP protecting/eliminating, but I'd like deathmatches and capture the flag, too ) We certainly need more skins and a third faction would be nice, too. How about making smugglers a regular faction? Seems to be ideal to me, especially since they could be used for both time periods.

You could increase the Gamorrean's speed slightly and turn them into the special unit, use a Trandoshan with a Concussion Rifle (just like in good old Jedi Knight) as a Heavy Assault Trooper, one of those Stalk-eye-guys as another class - which has loads of thermal detonators, throwable from two hands at the same time, Rodians with blasters as snipers (one-handed sniper weapon, usable while running but lower range?) and loads of other colorful characters from Jabba's entourage. I think this idea has a lot of potential.
Anyway ... thinking of smugglers about a Nar Shaddaa map?

Glory to the Empire!
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