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Originally posted by Shok_Tinoktin
Someone better

I dunno about that. from the looks of things, no one is gonna kill Luke.
No child of Jaina Solo is likely to be a character i tolerate for long unless it comes out lightsaber weilding, sith to the bone and takes her and a room full of people out

Luke has to die at some point, old age would be a shockingly terrible way for the hero of the whole story to die. And besides Mara Jade is hardly the sort of character that grows old peacefully so he'd just be a loner for the rest of his days which would be pretty rubbish. Get him killed off by Ben (who will undoubtedly knock some young lass up before he turns bad thus setting the whole ugly thing in motion again ) in fact Luke could do the Obi-Wan surrender to Vader and disappear and continue to turn up as a ghost every now and again

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