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Multiple Arm Attack!
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Rebel Commando

Started work modeling the Rebel Commando last night (Currently I have Jan standing in for this model in the team classes).
Roughed out the general shape by grabbing the various bits and pieces from some of the Standard Raven models and then began working on sculpting the custom parts - Helmet, backpack, etc and roughing out a few modifications to the existing model - pockets, jacket hood, funky boot coverings etc...
Should have a unskinned preview ready by the end of the week.
Meanwhile as far as the map goes, its mainly just tweaking all the obkectives to work properly, since there's a faily complicated sequence of triggers and realys for each objective - I know I should script it, but I'm kinda lazy when it comes to scripting (I only use it when I can't find any other way to accomplish something!)
Anyway, I have it all PK3'd and up and running.
I'm sticking in some BOT reinforcements for both teams to pad out player numbers for now.

Screenshots will materialize soon. No... really

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