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Model needed for hologram

I'm having a rather annoying problem im hoping to get assistance on.
Here is where I am at for you to better understand me and what my problem is.

Im editing a base model named weequay.
I opened it in ModView and looked at the surface tree on the left.
I scrolled down to see if there were any unused hair surfaces for the Ghoul2.

I saw three things that came to my liking.


I turned thease on by right clicking them in the tree... wrote a model.mvs...opened the model.mvs to see this:
   name      "model" 
   modelfile   "models/players/weequay/model.glm" 
   oldskinfile   "default" 
      name0   "head_r_hairback_off" 
      name1   "head_r_hairshoulder_off" 
      name2   "head_l_hairshoulder_off" 


So i looked at the and saw that they were already inthere with the correct paths.

My problem: i know how to remove surfaces by using a .skin file, But i don't know how to add them. I'm assuming that i would have to rename the Surfaces in a modeling program.

so again, im trying to Add:

Any help from anyone with a true understanding would be wonderful.

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