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Can anyone say ridiculously petty?

And whats wrong with 20 planets? Once an engine gets slightly more complicated than the AoK engine SWGB used making quality maps takes LONGER. And 20 planets to conquer is fine for me. I'm still not sure whether were getting a linear campaign or a total war style map which I heard at some point, but that sounds a decent ammount for individually crafted maps to me.

Your other points are just silly...

2 sides isn't bad. I'd like to command the republic and Confederacy in the same game as well but it simply means each side will be incredibly developed in both land and space.

1 EU unit? That upsets you? Look at how many SWGB had! And I suspect some new units will be made up for the game... and I doubt the average persons going to CARE.

Space and Ground at the same time would be AWSOME. Although they've mentioned orbital bombardments and ion cannons as examples of the two seperate areas interacting I doubt they'll be simultaneous . If they are then if it's too complicated for you, it'll be no great loss for the games sales.

Timeframe errors? The game STARTS. Read STARTS in that time period. And once again I doubt the average person would care.

Once again I doubt the lack of the official "DARTH WINDU SEAL OF APPROVAL" is going to bug anyone.

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