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Re: Re: Why this game is going to suck

Originally posted by Prime
Or perhaps they realize that it is a game and so some liberties need to be taken in order to make the game fun. If there are A-Wings that appear a few years early, so what? 90% of the people that buy this game aren't going to know that anyway. Nor does it affect whether the game is fun to play or not. Most if not all SW games take such liberties in terms of canon. Again, I don't see how having an A-Wing that is a bit out of place timeline-wise automatically makes the game an abomination. That attitude will lead you to be unhappy with every game. Do you apply the same canon criteria to every other game you play?

There's another thread where some people want a bunch of Jedi on the battlefield, for crying out loud. I don't think the A-Wings are a big concern.
But the fact is: It doesn't take place between Ep3 and 4. It starts before Ep4. Windu just can't read.
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