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Empire board, meet Windu. Windu, meet Empire board. Hopefully this one won't last 17 pages.

-Planets: Ummm, Windu, planets are big. They aren't one battle affairs. I imagine there being a series of battles needed to take some of the more populated and defended planets. Besides, how many truly important planets are in Star Wars. I can't thik of twenty, and I'm sure the average consumer can't either.

-Sorta with you on the whole two sides thing. I thought, post-StarCraft, that there would be no two-sided RTS's. But thats why they make x-packs! And, if the sides are different enough and deep enough, there's plenty of replay value. one cares about EU

-Can people handle multiple ground battles at once? How about if there was little/no economy? Good, then space/ground shouldn't be "confusion central".

-I know this has been said before, but it STARTS in pre-EP 4 times. Dear lord, ES f-ed up history in AoK because they have gunpowder in a game that starts in the dark ages.

-I sorta like the name. Its direct, and oddly similar to the ones we came up with at the SWGB forums.

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