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oooh my turn!


I have...

Military ID
Driver's license
Visa Check Card
ATM Card
Wegman's Shopper's Club Card (its a grocery store)
Target Team Member Discount Card
Library Card
Tip Guide Card
Tops Bonus Card (yet another grocery store)
Card containing phone numbers of all my commanders
Sprint Payment Card
Full Hot Topic Card
Extreme Graphix Business Card (tattoo and piercing place)
Bank business card (bank who owns my car)
Insurance Card
Defensive Driving Course Certificate
Army Values Card
Car Dealership Business Card (Where I got my car)
Mediaplay Replay Card
Blockbuster Giftcard (Star Wars Battlefront on it...I feel special)
2 Free Movie Passes
Receipt From Target
One 5 dollar bill
Three 1 dollar bills

damn...I gotta clean this thing out

Alright, alright. Let's just calm down and settle this over a nice cyanide pill eating contest, you go first.
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