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First off, I think I should point out right now that this thread is not intended to insult or flame anyone, it is actually my opinion.

The main reason I think this game will be rubbish is simply because it is too limited. Having gotten SW:GBG shortly after it came out, I was very interested in a new SW RTS using a new engine and whatnot. The problem is that I am a much bigger fan of the PT than the OT, so basically Lucasarts is ignoring PT fans while at the same time restricting the playability of the game.

DMUK - It's also possible that I could grow wings and learn to fly, but it's not going to happen.

Alegis - as I said, these are not rantings, just my opinion on the game from what I have seen and read of it.

Phreak - okay great, it starts before ANH...where the Rebels have one victory to their name...sounds like fun. As for EU, I was using the TIE Crawler as an example , not a definitive list, there is a difference.

Prime - with the Republic and Confederacy, I actually developed the concept in my proposed SW RTS, 'Star Wars: Galaxy in Flames' which can be seen at my website using the link in my sig. Anyway, the concept was to have two seperate campaigns, 'Clone Wars' featuring the Republic and Confederacy; and 'Galactic Civil War' featuring the Empire and Rebellion. They would not intermix at all, although a random battle ability to put anyone against anyone would be fun. However in terms of stroyline and campaigns, there would have been no crossover.
Frankly, I don't see why this is not possible, and it shows the lack of interest in fans that Lucasarts has.

With the TIE Crawler, i'm not saying the databank is wrong, i'm saying the whole concept of the vehicle itself is wrong.

In terms of timeline errors and liberties, well then what is the point of setting it just before Ep4?

For the names, I have never understood what is wrong with the name 'The Phantom Menace'. I mean really, what is wrong with it? (this is a serious question)

InsaneSith - I have never posted the phrase in your "quote" and want it removed. If you want to use real quotes, fine, but don't invent them. In addition, there is a little something I like to call 'freedom of speech' - this means if I object to something or do not like something, I have the right to express my opinion regardless of whether you like it or not, as long as it is not offensive. None of my posts have been offensive, therefore I can post here.

Sith - while I would love to believe there will be a PT x-pac, I highly doubt it, mainly because the Empire has the main Republic ship, and I can't see the dev's giving the major Republic ship to two different sides, unless they are mutually exclusive, which removes part of the 'fantasy battle' fun. However, if there was an x-pac that added the Republic and Confederacy I would seriously consider purchasing the game.

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