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3. Too much EU material - while some of it makes sense to a point, such as the Interdictor Cruisers and the Victory-class Star Destroyers, other units do not, such as the TIE Crawler. Realistically, something that fragile and slow would get ripped to pieces without being a threat, and simply doesnt make sense when the Empire already has superior AT-ST, AT-TE and AT-AT walkers. Even if one looked at things such as Cost, aircraft (with the Crawler basically is) cost a lot, lot more than ground vehicles. In addition, where are the Imperial Speeder Bikes? It's bad enough to add superflous EU material, but to exclude film material at the same time is criminal.
As for EU, I was using the TIE Crawler as an example , not a definitive list, there is a difference.

Anyways, like Kry said, it starts before ANH because of Ep3. The movie ends and the game begins.

As for the Space/ground at the same time... it can be done. I imagine a button that switches between the 2 during battle. Maybe the AI will be intelligent enough so you can leave one battle and direct the other.

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