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Originally posted by Wraith 8
Tycho chelcu (sp?)
..... take a screen?? hmmm ok hang on

edit: BAH! i tried 40 times... i cant take a good screen. somehow the screen is just empty when i take it. oh well... but its the A-wing that enters right behind wedge and in front of lando.
LMAO...lemme're pressing the PrintScreen key

thats NOT how it works !

to take nice screenies you can do two things :

1. open the dvd in Windows Media Player. when you get to the bit you want, press CTRL and i...
2. get windvd 5 or 6. can take screenies frame by frame

So, Wraith - I will give you a chance to claim those bonus points, seeing you have had "technical difficulties"

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The question stands :
Q: explain how Han got in possession of the Millenium Falcon. try to explain everything that went down with it.
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