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I actually developed the concept in my proposed SW RTS, 'Star Wars: Galaxy in Flames'
.... and you think Empire at War is a bad title. Forgive me.. of course your soooo much better at game design that former Westwood guys...

Personally when I saw that first preview, with snowspeeders, AT-ATs, X-wings and the heroes of the OT I was so glad. It looks like FC done RIGHT. Hopefully it will have the soul that the OT had and the PT doesn't have.

As it is, I'm kind of disappointed in the fact that resource management has been removed (or is it just resource gathering?). I kind of enjoy that part of SWGB since balancing workers and military could make or break you. I guess I'll just have to see how they handle tech advancements before I form an opinion on it. I'm also sadden that the lack of more than 2 civs will most likely mean that diplomacy features may be completely removed from the game. The features sucked in SWGB as it is, and I was hoping to see some improvement upon them in the followup RTS--not likely to happen now. But then, it's a whole different ballgame, so I guess it's better to have all the info on what the game comprises before making a decision one way or another...
I am so GLAD they removed resource management. It means the game may have more complicated tactics than "build up your army as fast as you can and use certain types of units against other certain types of unit"

Diplomacy stuff... that was mainly left overs from AoK as was the resource system... it didn't really fit into Star Wars AT ALL.

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