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I gave up on this game over 2 months ago. Just stopped in here to see if anything had ever been done about issues, and I see the same things I saw 2 months ago.

It's pointless. LA will not listen or consider any player or server admin related requests. They never have, never will. The ONLY way is thru Pandemic's project director/manager, if they have the balls to go to LA and tell them what they need to do - but that depends on if the request has an ROI they can justify, so my guess is the answer is "NO" as long as they continue to sell copies of the game.

And for those of you who are hoping the NEXT LA game will have the things that are needed - fat chance. They're a marketing company that is out of touch with the gaming community, and is currently focused on providing games to 'user-fee' based systems such as console gaming, and MMORPG's.

See you all in another 2 months!

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