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Originally posted by lonepadawan
I am so GLAD they removed resource management. It means the game may have more complicated tactics than "build up your army as fast as you can and use certain types of units against other certain types of unit"

Diplomacy stuff... that was mainly left overs from AoK as was the resource system... it didn't really fit into Star Wars AT ALL.
Actually I'm not all that concerned about resource gathering as inquisitive about how they're going to do resource managing. They've got to have something set up to set limiter on what you can build (otherwise everyone will just use ATATs and Star Destroyers). More than that, I'd like to know about tech advances. Kind of takes the fun out of it if everything just advances at a set time.

As for diplomacy, well the AoK system was crappy initially and GB did nothing to improve on it. Maybe that system didn't really fit, but diplomacy itself does, otherwise we wouldn't have a rebel alliance, or a confederacy, or a republic of systems. Could do a lot with it, but it would require expanding beyond two at-war civs.

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