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Why this game is NOT going to suck

the post just pissed me off a bid. becose it's only in alpha status and how can he say that its gonne suck? yust becose it does not have the PT? im glad it does not.

now if made a thread where you can post why you think this game is not gonne suck.

here is my list:

- it is starwars!
- it has potential
- the screenshots look great
- it has space and ground
- it has 2 unlike sides
- it has the OT
- The empire reuls
- The pepole from westwood! (have thay ever made a bad game?)
- It is alpha status
- We have probbly all seen episode 3 by then.
- It is no force commander
- it is lucasarts
- there will be noobs in the game
- you can play it online
- you can build the dead star
- it has 20 planets
- im in the game

"how can they be jamming us if they dont know we're comming... its a trap all fighters break off the shield is still up!" "are you sure? i cant get a reading" "admiral we have no ships in sector 4!" "its a trap!"
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