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((Drum roll please...

one rpg at a time XD))

*From behind, to K'warra* "Or it hasn't been apart of it as much as any other dimension altogether to begin with... For example, this 'Mrear' you spoke of and Drago, how you knew him, it could be the possibility that the events that took place on 'Mrear' could be 100% the same. How ever, there could be any number of alternate 'universes' you speak of..."

*Sir-Vin stands in the doorway, leaning on the frame, holding his neck as if it were sore...
His wounds seemed to have healed, but his appearence was a bit rugged, clothes needed to be washed, his facal hair needed a shave, badly, just unsat to what a jedi would look like...*

Sir-Vin "Unless I misunderstand the concept of that 'mulituniverse', and someone has to 'brush' me up on it. You know, being out of action for a while..."

((you're cue on Cracern, admiral ^_^))

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