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Originally posted by lonepadawan
There will probably be NO diplomacy. This is NOT a SWGB sequel. It's just a Star Wars RTS. That is the only relation the two will have.
The fact that there will probably be no diplomacy is exactly one aspect that I dislike. Frankly, if it was a sequel to SWGB, the diplomacy probably would be lousy (if it's anything like it was in SWBG anyway). Actually diplomacy could work in this game, depending on how it plays. We're looking at at least 20 planets, right? Why not add non-playable independent civs? I'm not sure how they're planning on gathering worlds, whether you'll start with just one and you'll gather them uncontested until you encounter the opponent, or if half of the planets will start under 1 civs control and half the other, or if all the planets are "shared" from the outset and you just need to beat the opposition off of it. I'd prefer to see the first scenario and let you choose whether to try diplomacy with the inhabitants (the non-playable civs) of the planet or just to straight out conquer them.


The resources will prbably be handled in the same way base building is. NOT during combat. And probably no workers or peons *shudders* Like most RTS' these days, their going to streamline it, so you can focus on the FIGHTING. Star resource gathering: A new worker has yet to be released in cinemas so I can't comment on games based on it.
I don't have a problem with building and war being separate, though I wouldn't mind a jury-rigging style action during combat to attempt to repair damaged turrets, buildings, etc. Nothing along the lines of workers completely repairing or building new buildings like in SWGB, but just attempts to prolong the life of them for a small length of time. Not sure what you're trying to say in your last sentence... star resource gathering?


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