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Originally posted by guybroom
Adam heard the call and ran in, he cocked the gun and walked in. He walked slowly and looked at the walls. Strangly bare for someone like Tara. He wondered as he walked. Then he saw a picture. It was of him and Tara.

((maybe a bit of char control comming up - but i don't think so))

They were working closely together before he took over the system. Tara and him were head of creating the system to interact with your brain. That's how Adam knew how to lock people into the system.

Him and Tara were great frineds until he did something that sparked his anger: Told her his feelings. He loved her and now he loved her still but he hated her too. He wants to kill her, but he would hate it if he did. He wanted to tie her up and shoot out her brains, but he would never do it unless he had to.

when he told her, she rejected him, she was going out with Jack and this sparked his revenge with the system. He got Tara and locked her into the early stages of production and he kept Jack out, he kept him prisoner while watching the prduction being done on the war zone.

Adam locked out Jack's brain waves from the game and played god to the innocent people in the system, while he soon went in to find Tara and find out what she felt. She hated him.

He stood there thinking of this for a few moments and then he shot the picture with the gun.

He ran off to find them.

((That's just fine... I like it.))

Jack grinned. "I know where it goes. We'll be crawling for a while, but it leads into the sewer system. From there, we can go anywhere in the city. My reccomendation would be the airport... to find Troezen."

Tara nodded. "I wonder where he is right about now... on his way?"

They crawled through the tunnel and made their way through the sewer system to the airport. As they wandered through the crowd, Tara thought she heard her name and spun to look. Suddenly she paled.

Tara sent me," a man said. She'd never seen him before, but Troezen nodded and went with him.

"Jack!" she exclaimed. "Troezen's right there!"

Jack looked and his eyes widened. "No!"

Both burst into a run toward the car, but it drove away, leaving them behind.

"He's lost," Tara whispered. "Who knows what Adam will do with them?"

"Adam?" Jack asked curiously. Tara stared at him, but a look of understanding crossed her face.

"Adam was a friend of mine," she explained. "He's the leader of the programmers."

"Do you know what he wants?" Jack asked sharply. Tara closed her eyes and nodded.

"He wants me," she answered slowly. "He loves me... and yet he can't stand me either. I'm dating you and he told me he loved me. I explained as best I could that he was just a friend, but he went crazy... separated us. Now he wants us both dead... he feels we ruined his life."

"I'll ruin his life now," Jack growled. Tara shook her head.

"No," she said. "He's ruined it enough himself. Let's go."

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