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Insane - no, you weren't. Instead you were trying to put words into my mouth and I do not appreciate it. If you want to criticise what I have said, go ahead. But do NOT use fake quotes to do so.

Phreak - then why does LA says the game is SET between RotS and ANH, rather than STARTS?

Prime - actually, adding the PT would NOT take double the time, money etc. Why? Because a lot of their resources and money will have been taken up in creating the engine, style of play, resource collection (or whatever will pass for it), base building etc. Therefore, adding the Republic and Confederacy would not take up that much, and wouldn't set the game back far either.

luke - true, but then when I created this thread, I was (and still am) annoyed at LA/Petroglyph for ignoring PT fans. Having waited for so long on the old SWGB forums for any little scrap of news of a new RTS, it was a huge dissapointment to me to learn that only the Empire and Rebels would be included. Franky, to me this smacks of doing something half-arsed with the parties involved simply not being bothered to do a better job. Ergo, the title of the thread. Oh yeah, incidently I still really do think this game is going to suck.

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