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idea's hey? Lets just start with ADD THE REPUBLIC AND CONFEDERACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right, now that's out of my system, I do actually have some suggestions-

1. Add the Republic

2. Add the Confederacy

3. Unit Veterancy - good because it adds realism to the game and it makes people want to keep their better units - also makes them less canon-fodderish

4. Have neutral planets with diplomacy - ie, people you can negotiate with/threaten into joining you, or letting you establish a secret base etc. Incidently, a side of generic planetary defences would be good so that if, for example, the Empire invades a non-Rebel neutral world, they fight that planets forces.

5. More advanced unit autonomy settings - a good example is 'Star Trek: Armada 2'. In that game, you could set the movement autonomy for your ships, and the weapons autonomy (what they would fire at). It's is much better than in any other game i have seen, and would be nice.

6. Better formations - another great example is 'Empires: Dawn of the Modern World'. A great selection of formations for any situation, although one nice feature would be to have a 'surround enemy' command.

7. As Lonepadawan said, eye candy. Different stormtrooper armour and different Rebel uniforms for normal/on ships, forest, desert and ice would be a good addition.

8. Generals - even if LA/Petroglyph insists on going on the rather dull and lacking two-sides approach, at least add different Generals/Commanders to give better gameplay variety.

9. Stop adding superflous EU material. For Imperial ground forces, they dont need the TIE Crawler, and would do just fine with the Speeder Bike, AT-ST and AT-AT. After all, the game is supposed to reflect the FILMS, not massively flawed EU.

I'm sure I could add more, and probably will. Basically, all of these idea's anyone can find in my SW RTS template which can be found by clicking on the link in my sig.

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