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Response to Windu:

1,2,8, & 9: Basically, Wndu, what you are asking for is several different civs with maybe 20-30 units total per side, IE age of empires, SWGB, C&C Generals, etc. I don't really like that approach, because to me it would make much more sense if we had incredible DEPTH in say two unit sets, such as the empire and rebel alliance. Because now, you get that strategic element you are looking for that you claim you can only get with radically different civilizations. If we get say 30 units for land combat and 30 units for space combat, that's a pretty big pool of men to get lots of strategic ideas!

I honestly think Windu you are not being at all flexible with your ideas since. You give nothing even a remotely fair shot unless it completely coincides with what you want. I think some of it is good, especially veterancy, but I see them putting that in anyways because the Westwood guys are some of the first to make it commonplace, especially in C&C games. I also think they are doing the unit autonomy, but not in the sense you are because they are making the units attack what they recognize they can beat more easily unless you direct it to attack something else.

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